Teer Of Shillong Results | Juwai, Khanapara, Manipur, & Shillong Teer Result

Are you searching for the Teer Of Shillong Results So here you can find the today’s results for Tir Of Shillong,  Juwai, Khanapara results. Below you find the results of games for December, 22, 2017.

Teer Of Shillong Results Today | Shillong Teer Results

F/R(3:45PM) S/R(4:45PM)
35 xx

Juwai Teer Result Today

First Round (2:15PM) Second Round (2:45 PM)
79 46


Khanapara Teer Result Today

First Round (3:50 PM) Second Round (4:25 PM)
xx xx


Manipur Teer Result Today

First Round (3:30 PM) Second Round (6:00 PM)
xx xx


Guwahati Teer Results

First Round (3:45PM) Second Round (4:45PM)
xx xx

Shillong Teer | Teer Of Shillong Game Play

Common No Of Teer Of Shillong

Find the most common no and possibilities to game. The no we decided on the behalf of some sort of calculation and previous results.


Direct 96, 64
House 9
Ending 9


Direct 86
House 5
Ending 3

Note: all of these no are just most common possibilities after some calculation. These no do not provide any guarantee that it will be 100% working and accurate.


What is The Game About

It is the one of most famous Game in the in the capital of Meghalaya. Yes, we are talking about Shillong. Tir Of Shillong is a Game which is popular in Shillong which can help you to make lakh each day by just playing a simple game. As Shillong is the part of the northeast, it is famous for its beauty, beautiful views and mountains but as well as Shillong is also famous for gambling. And This game is the one of the popular gambling game of Shillong.

How This Game Being Played

  1. In each round total 50 fifty arches fire
  2. The total arrow should not be less than 300 and should not be more than 1000
  3. Suppose total 678 arrow hits the aim so the no will be 78. They choose the last 2 digit of the total arrow successfully hits the aim.

How To Play This Game

  1. You have to just visit the place where the game is being played
  2. choose any lucky no
  3. and make your bet